A recap of our first semester

Our new team

For this season we have a new team consisting of 14 motivated students that are in their third bachelor or master industrial engineering. We were also joined by three second year students who wanted to be involved in the team and its future. To strengthen the team spirit, we took off on a team-building weekend in the Ardennes. We organized multiple activities like a night dropping, orientation hikes, Lego racetrack building challenges and many more. Of course missing the Formula 1 grand prix that weekend was out of the question. After seeing how the professionals did it, we decided to test our own driving skills by going karting.

The work on the car

The year started off with some very good news, the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Belgium and our workplace at Fablab Brussels could open its doors. This meant that we were no longer limited to working on our computers. We could finally start building again and working together in real life.

We planned a meeting to discuss the things that had to be done to get the car running as soon as possible. The biggest challenge was the engine, the previous team had never been able to run this engine. Our drivetrain subteam, together with the help of some other team members, put their heads down and low and behold, we were able to get the engine running in just a couple of months. This increased our motivation even more and we are eager to get back to work after the exams.

The new workshop

While half of the team was working on getting the engine running, the others spent their time getting our next workshop ready to move in. During the next semester, we will unfortunately have to move out of our current workshop, the J4. The building will sadly be torn down. To not be left without a place to work we will move to the J4.1. We know, we are very creative with our names.  The J4.1 consist of 2 containers that have been isolated and painted.  We also put windows in so we don’t get too hyperfocused on the cars and lose track of time.  

The plans for the second semester

It’s not because we have a driving car that we are done with our work for this year. Our plans for the second semester include checking how we will cool our newly running engine, starting the development of the new generation of the engine, making the chassis for our new car and so much more. We look forward to the upcoming semester and the progress we will make to present our new and improved car at our roll-out!

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