VUB Racing Hello

The project offers a platform in which technological partners can showcase and test their latest innovating developments. The team wants to share the acquired knowledge and experiences with other students by developing informative and educational packages to promote engineering technology and science with a focus on electrical mobility”

VUB Racing

VUB Racing story

Created in 2017, VUB Racing was initially meant as a start up from young engineers who have interest in motorsport and all the types in that domain. Since the start of VUB Racing we added more or other students.

VUB Racing is a team of students with mixed qualities. We have students specialised in electonics, suspension, mechanics and aerodynamics. Most of the students in the team write a master thesis about their system or job at the team.

Our Goal

Every year, we take on the challenge to design, develop and build an electric formula-style car in only nine months. In the process we utilize all our knowledge acquired at the university in addition to develop a vast variety of skills. Afterwards we participate in international competitions with other university race teams from all around the world.

Our location

Our office and workshop is located in Rue Fritz Toussaint 8, 1050 Ixelles

VUB Racing is a collective of amazing people striving to build a competitive car with the newest technologies.

If you are interested in our team or joining this group of motivated students fill in the contact form down below and you’ll here from us any time soon.