Update building weeks 01/02 – 12/02

Just like during the second semester last academic year, we all started again in september with the same strict measures and (almost) all classes given online or atleast off-campus. Just as the entire VUB campus, our beloved Fablab Brussels kept its doors shut most of the time. But here at VUB Racing everyone was still motivated and determined to just keep on working, building and creating. Want to know more about the progress of our subteams and overall development of the racecar? Read about it in our BLOG !

Because of all that the whole team was very eager to superstart the second semester and start building right away. That’s why we introduced the ‘building weeks’ starting in our class-free week right after the exams. Two weeks of fully focused work and development for the team. Enjoy some pictures taken during these weeks of engineering.

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Progress of our power supply – team Battery

Team battery have been working their asses of to get our power supply up and running. All efforts contribute to the full development of the race car, which is getting more visual and complete week after week. Here you find some pictures taken during the welding and fabrication of the housing of the battery box. Blood, tears and lot’s of sweat are put in every part of our project, see it for yourself 🙂